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Is iced coffee really illegal in Canada?

Surely Canadian coffee lovers are allowed to enjoy a delicious iced coffee on hot summer days?

Let’s start by shedding some truth on whether illegal iced coffee is Canadian fiction or legal fact! As a Canadian who enjoys both hot coffee, and the occasional iced latte, I can assure you that ice coffee is not illegal anywhere in Canada!

It’s the same for cold brew coffee, ice cubes in coffee, and any other cold drinks containing coffee beans. All types of ice coffee are enjoyed by Canadian coffee lovers from British Columbia, to Ontario, and beyond!

Where did this Canadian cold brew coffee fiction come from?

In recent years, many tiktok users may have seen viral videos about coffee beans, ice coffee, and other iced coffee-related crimes in Canada. This crazy rumor has even made its way onto other social media platforms. One reddit user claimed that Canadians can’t drink cold brew coffee because the Canadian government says the coffee beans to make it are an unnecessary expense. This is connected to a crazy rumor started by content creator Taylor Jackson. Apparently former Prime Minister Stephen Harper made this fake claim.

A lot of people beyond the Canadian border might still believe this fake claim to be true. In reality, ice coffee of all forms is not illegal anywhere in Canada. Not in British Columbia, not according to the Prime Minister of Canada, and it’s not written in any specific laws.

With such cold summer months, don’t Canadians prefer hot coffee?

Most Canadians live closer to the United States border than you might think. While the country can experience cold winters (just like cities in the northern United States), it also has very hot summers. Iced coffee consumption is actually on the rise in Canada, it’s one of the most popular drinks in summer months.

While Canadian coffee lovers do enjoy their hot coffee drinks, ice coffee is a popular beverage from coast to coast, especially during the very hot summers. The most common home brewing method in Canada is to make drip coffee. At Canadian coffee shops, however, espresso-based drinks and the most popular hot coffee and ice coffee drinks.

Which Canadian coffee shops make the most popular ice coffee drinks?

Tim Hortons and Canada go hand in hand. Tim Hortons claims to serve Canada’s favoritve coffee. And in recent years, the selection of ice coffee drinks at Tim Hortons has increased. Their iced cappuccino is one of their most popular cold beverages. They serve a variety of other sugary coffee iced drinks as well, and of course, they make a pretty good iced latte.

After Tim Hortons, Starbucks is also very popular for its ice coffee drinks. In fact, you can pretty much order everything that’s available in the United States at one of the many Starbucks restaurants across Canada.

Hard core coffee lovers should keep in mind that some of the most popular coffee drinks will vary from region to region. Before visiting Canada, find out which Canadian coffee shops are preparing ice coffee drinks made with locally roasted coffee beans. This is a good way to make sure you find the most perfectly delicious cup of iced coffee. Some Canadian coffee shops even use alternative sweeteners like maple syrup (although, don’t expect to find maple syrup cold brew coffee everywhere, coffee chains use it sparingly as it’s quite expensive).

What are the most popular coffee drinks in Canada?

At the time of writing, Tim Hortons is Canada’s largest restaurant chain and biggest seller of caffeinated drinks. This includes both hot coffee and ice coffee drinks. There are over 4000 Tim Hortons restaurants (most of which have drive-thru windows where you can order ice coffee). After Tim Hortons, Starbucks is the most common Canadian coffee shop. With 1360 locations across the country.

Whether your Canadian coffee shop of choice is Tim Hortons, Starbucks, or somewhere else, chances are that you’ll be ordering some sort of espresso based drink. Studies show that the most popular hot coffee and ice coffee drink has an espresso base, as opposed to cold brew coffee or traditional drip coffee.

The second most popular beverage is the latte. Iced latte drinks are the second most popular beverage in summer months. While a traditional latte, with hot coffee, is what Canadians prefer in winter.

Who sells the most coffee beans in Canada?

With drip coffee being the home brewing method of choice for most Canadian families, coffee bean sales are a major part of the caffeinated drinks market. A recent poll by found that Tim Hortons is the best selling coffee bean. In addition to being the most common of the Canadian coffee shops, Tim Hortons sells its coffee beans in major grocery stores. After Tim Hortons, Private Label, Maxwell House, and Starbucks are the biggest vendors of coffee beans.

Canadian coffee shops are popular, but in recent years, more and more Canadians view going out for coffee as an unnecessary expense. This is why Canadian coffee shops like Tim Hortons are now selling coffee beans, so people can make their hot coffee and ice coffee drinks at home.

Is ice coffee better than cold brew coffee?

Unlike hot coffee or ice coffee, a cold brew coffee is never actually heated. It takes up to 12 hours to brew, and is never heated. Even some of the most knowledgeable coffee lovers aren’t as familiar with this type of coffee. Cold brew coffee is less bitter tasting than a traditional ice coffee, which started out as hot coffee, and was then chilled in the fridge or poured over ice cubes.

With its more subtle and refreshing taste, it’s easy to see why this brewing method is becoming more popular. Check out this great post about cold brew coffee vs regular ice coffee. If you’re not sure which popular beverage to order, this article will help you to make your decision.

In summary: coffee lovers don’t be fooled by a tiktok video claiming the Canadian government has banned ice coffee drinks.

On your next visit to Canada, rest assured that your favorite iced drinks are available for purchase, just like back home in the United States, or wherever you’re visiting from. On Canadian hot summer days, nothing hits the spot like a delicious iced coffee, iced latte, or cold brew coffee. All of your favourite Canadian coffee shops are ready to take your ice coffee order the next time you visit.

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