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Flight time and distance from Houston to New York City

Direct flights from Houston to New York take about three hours from gate to gate. But your choice of arrival airports in New York can affect your actual travel time, as transit into the Big Apple can be quite long.

New York has three main arrival airports. Your choice of airport won’t really affect your overall flight distance or flight time by very much. But each arrival airports’ proximity to New York is different. Keep this in mind when thinking about the travel time between Houston and New York City.

What are the different arrival airports in New York?

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is in nearby Newark, New Jersey. Newark is a United Airlines hub. Since Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport is also a United Airlines hub, flights between the two are common. United Airlines is one of the most popular airlines for travel from Houston to New York City. New Jersey transit offers frequent train service between Neward and New York City. This  means you’ll be able to count on a punctual arrival in New York.

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is the closest to New York City, at only eight nautical miles from Manhattan. LGA is serviced by all of the most popular airlines, but Delta Airlines has a particularly large presence at this airport. American Airlines also has frequent flights between Houston and New York LaGuardia. LGA is the most difficult of the New York airports for access; most people take a cab between LaGuardia and New York. Keep this in mind when planning out your overall travel time from Houston to New York. An LGA arrival on the East Coast will likely mean a long cab ride into the city.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is New York City’s third, but not its smallest airport. JFK serves more than 70 airlines, with plenty of connections to other parts of the United States, and abroad. Travelers with international destinations with carriers such as Air New Zealand, or Johannesburg flight tickets will find themselves connecting through JFK, not LGA or EWR. JFK is New York City’s airport for JetBlue Airways, one of the more popular American Airlines for flights within the United States. John F. Kennedy International Airport is know for being New York City’s best airport for shopping, lounges, and food.

What’s the flight distance to New York?

Direct flights between Houston and New York City’s Newark Airport cover 1,399 miles. Direct flight’s to John F. Kennedy International Airport have a flight distance of 1,414 miles, while the flight distance to LaGuardia International Airport is slightly longer, at 1,422 miles.

Which of the New York arrival airports has the most direct flights from Houston?

It’s almost a tie between LaGuardia and Newark. United Airlines fans will have more luck finding direct flights to Newark’s Liberty International Airport. And those who choose to travel with Amercian Airlines or Delta Airlines will find more direct flight options into LaGuardia. Budget carrier Spirit Airlines offers flights to both LaGuardia and Newark.

Direct New York flights into John F. Kennedy International Airport are less common. If you have a connection beyond the United States, keep in mind that the next nearest airports could be a couple of hours away due to New York traffic. International-bound travellers should look around for connections from Houston directly to JFK, it’s not worth booking the cheapest fare if it means transiting between LaGuardia International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport during Big Apple rush hour!

What’s the earliest flight between Houston and New York?

United Airlines offers the earliest direct flight to New York. Its 6:00 am departure arrives in Newark at 10:30 am, while it’s 7:00 am departure arrives just before noon. Both direct flight options with United Airlines operate on a Boeing 737 aircraft type. Delta Airlines also offers a 7am departure, for those looking to arrive into LaGuardia International Airport. This direct flight will also land you in New York just before noon, on an Airbus 220 aircraft type.

If you’d rather travel from Houston’s Hobby Airport, Southwest has a 7:00am departure to LaGuardia, arriving moments after the morning Delta Airlines service.

Do I need to book with United Airlines if I want a direct flight from Houston to New York?

Although Houston’s IAH airport is home to United Airlines, several other commercial airlines, including Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines offer direct flights to New York City’s three main arrival airports. 

While United Airlines offers the earliest flight from Houston to New York, with a 6am departure from George Bush Intercontinental Airport, arriving into Newark at 10:30am with a travel time of three hours and 30 minutes from gate to gate, there are options with Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines. But if you need to be in New York in time for a late morning meeting, United Airlines is one of the best places to book your direct flight. Otherwise, both Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and all the other most popular airlines offer direct flights to New York throughout the day.

When can I find the cheapest fare to New York?

There are a lot of factors affecting the price of tickets to New York. Your choice of arrival airport in one, as is your choice of airline. All of the most popular airlines have sales at different times, so the best bet is to hunt around until you find the cheapest fare. Sometimes opting for non direct flights can save you a bit of money as well.

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