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What are the best flights from Houston to San Antonio?

Southern Texas is one of my favorite parts of the United States. Whether you’re looking to plan a fun road trip, or you have a brief stopover from an international flight, there’s plenty to see and do in this beautiful region of the United States.

If you have a little bit of time to spare, I highly recommend a visit to San Antonio. With so many direct flights, and good ground transportation options once you arrive at San Antonio International Airport, a little side trip to San Antonio can be as short as a day trip. But you can easily stay longer, as there’s plenty to see and do.

What’s the flight distance from Houston to San Antonio?

On my most recent trip to Houston, TX with United Airlines, I booked a quick last minute return flight to San Antonio International Airport. And a quick trip it was, with a flight distance of only 191 miles, according to While some might say that the short driving distance between San Antonio and Houston makes for a good road trip, the abundance of direct flights from Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport to San Antonio International Airport make flying the cheapest option if you’re tight for time.

Does United Airlines offer the most direct flights to San Antonio International Airport?

United Airlines uses George Bush Intercontinental Airport as one of its main hubs in the United States. It’s no surprise that the airline also offers the most direct flights from Houston to San Antonio International airport. The posted travel time, gate to gate, is one hour and 3 minutes. Actual flying time is just under 40 minutes. Depending upon your driving habits, the most direct route by car is just under three hours. The fastest transportation option is to hop on one of the many direct flights.

After United Airlines, Southwest Airlines offers the next most direct flights. Southwest Airlines is often the cheapest option to San Antonio International Airport, but keep in mind that they don’t operate out of Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. If you’re connecting from an international flight, this can be challenging as Southwest Airlines operations at William P. Hobby Airport require somewhat of a road trip, at least 40 minutes by car.

Is it worth the extra driving distance to travel with United Airlines to San Antonio International Airport?

United Airlines direct flights from George Bush Intercontinental Airport to San Antonio International Airport are usually operated on its fleet of 737 aircraft. This aircraft type boasts an average speed of 514 miles per hour. With no time difference between the cities of Houston and San Antonio, United Airlines direct flights offer the optimal travel time.

I personally prefer using United Airlines over other carriers like Southwest Airlines or Spririt Airlines as they are members of the Star Alliance partnership. As a Super Elite flyer with Air Canada, also part of the Star Alliance, I can earn status qualifying miles on flights with United Airlines. I can also access lounges and other priority services. So even though George Bush Intercontinental Airport isn’t the nearest airport to central Houston, it’s worth the extra driving distance for the additional perks.

What is the driving distance from San Antonio International Airport into the city?

San Antonio International Airport is relatively closer to downtown than its cousin, George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Depending upon time of day and traffic, the road trip takes around ten to 15 minutes. The driving distance is just under eight miles, slightly less as the crow flies. San Antonio International Airport is so close to the heart of the city, that you might even consider staying in an airport hotel to save on accommodation expenses. An easy transportation option between San Antonio International Airport and downtown is the city’s light rail transit line. Visit VIA Metropolitan Transit for more information. This train offers the most direct route to downtown, with a consistent travel time between the two points, regardless of traffic.

Is it worth stopping over in Texas on your next international flight connection?

I would definitely recommend taking the time to explore this fascinating region of the United States. Houston to San Antonio offers the appeal of short travel time, great sights, and a good public transportation option once you arrive. If your time permits, consider going to North Texas to take in the sights of Dallas and surrounding regions. If you find yourself with time to spare at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport in the spring, consider hopping on a direct flight with United Airlines or Spirit Airlines to Dallas to take in the famous tulip season at Pilot Point Texas. Here’s a post about a recent excursion I made to North Texas. If you’ve had other Texas road trip experiences, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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