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Minneapolis to Las Vegas flights on the cheap

What are the best cheap flights from Minneapolis to Las Vegas?

I travel back and forth between Toronto and my home on the West Coast fairly frequently. While there are a fair number of direct flights to Toronto, Canada does not offer as many airline choices as in the United States. Usually, I need to go at a set time, and hunting around for cheap flights isn’t really an option. Check out this post entitled Towns and cities near Toronto. The city is sometimes overlooked by travelers, but it’s worth the travel time. On a recent trip to Toronto, I had some time to spare and hopped on one of Air Canada’s direct flights to Minneapolis.

It was a toss up between Minneapolis and Las Vegas. But the cheapest flight, with plenty of space in first class, was going to Minneapolis-Saint Paul International. The flight duration is also considerably less, Las Vegas flights were over four hours, while the quick hop down to Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport was just under two hours. So off I went to the twin cities.

Which airlines offer the best Las Vegas flights out of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport?

Since a trip from Minneapolis to Las Vegas sees you flying with the clock, you could easily head to MSP after work on a Friday and arrive in Las Vegas in time for late evening cocktails. As if a quick excursion to Vegas wasn’t enticing enough already, there are quite a few direct flights between the two cities. This means you can shop around for the cheapest flights at the cheapest time of the year. Sun Country Air, Delta Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlines all currently offer nonstop Las Vegas flights from MSP. United Airlines and Frontier Airlines also offer convenient departure times from Minneapolis, albeit with a connection in Denver. Unfortunately, Alaska Airlines doesn’t offer any nonstop flights between the two cities. If you insist on using this airline, you’ll likely need to make a connection in Seattle.

When is the cheapest time of year to book Las Vegas flights?

It’s hard to say exactly when you’ll find the cheapest flight for Las Vegas. When looking at Las Vegas flights over the span of one year (with Minneapolis as the origin), fall is the most costly time to travel. The price of direct flights from Minneapolis to Las Vegas fluctuates in the first months of the year, and then there seem to be more consistently cheap flights in summer months. Let’s be honest, it gets VERY hot in Las Vegas in July and August, so this makes sense.

How long is a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas?

Minneapolis is one hour behind Toronto, and there is another two hour time difference to Las Vegas (another reason why I chose Minneapolis as my quick getaway destination in the United States). If you’re able to find direct flights from MSP to Las Vegas, flying time is just over three hours. Given the two hour time difference, you’ll hardly notice the change in time when you land at Harry Reid International Airport.

What’s the flight distance from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport to Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport?

Keep in mind that sometimes the cheap flights aren’t the most direct flights. Nonstop flights from Minneapolis to Las Vegas have a posted flight duration of 3 hours and 25 minutes. Actual flight duration can vary, in reality, flying time is usually a little shorter than this, but depends on different factors like flight path, weather, and airport delays. The flight distance from Minneapolis to Las Vegas is 1299 miles. This is the shortest distance, and again, factors like weather, air traffic, and departure times can affect actual flight distance.

What are the most popular airlines for Las Vegas flights?

Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas is serviced by all major American airlines, as well as many international flights. Within the United States, research shows that Southwest Airlines is one of Las Vegas most popular airlines, representing 41% of flights in and out of Harry Reid International Airport. As a side note, Harry Reid International AIrport was formerly known as McCarran International Airport. Just so you don’t get confused, as some people still use the old name. While Southwest Airlines often offers the cheapest flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas, keep in mind that it’s a budget airline. It doesn’t offer some of the services of the mainline carriers like United Airlines or Delta Airlines. 

Delta Airlines is the next of the most popular airlines flying into Las Vegas. Delta Airlines flies out of terminal 2 at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International, where you’ll find plenty of shopping, food, and airport lounge access. Southwest Airlines runs out of MSP terminal 2.

What’s the earliest flight from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International to Las Vegas?

At the time of writing, Sun Country Air and Delta Airlines offer the earliest flight times from MSP to Las Vegas. Sun Country Air has nonstop flights departing at 9am, 4pm, and 9pm. Delta Airlines offers direct flights starting at 9:20am, with additional departure times throughout the day on a regular basis. At the time of writing, Spirit Airlines offers a 10pm nonstop flight to Las Vegas. All other commercial flight options require connections at other airport hubs in the United States. Delta Airlines rounds out the day, with the last flight to Las Vegas, departing at 10:25pm.

How can I find the best offers on Las Vegas flights?

If nonstop flights aren’t a must, then you’ll have a lot of different airline options. Sun Country Air, Delta Airlines, and Spirit Airlines offer the only nonstop flights between Minneapolis-Saint Paul International and Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Travelers who are willing to fly with different airlines will definitely have more options, and they might find some of the best deals.

Alaska Airlines often has some of the best offers to Las Vegas. Their operations at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport are quite small. Currently they just have a very discreet setup at gate E1 in Terminal 1, as Minneapolis isn’t one of Alaska Airlines’ big destination airports. If you have enough time to connect through Seattle, you’ll often be able to find some cheap flights. Alaska Airlines’ Seattle to Las Vegas route is one of the most popular routes on the west coast. The flight duration between the two cities is approximately 2 hours, and with Seattle to Las Vegas departure times throughout the day, might be one of the best deals if you don’t require a nonstop flight.

Can you book direct flights that are also cheap flights?

In conclusion, I don’t want to discourage you from flying direct from Minneapolis to Las Vegas for your next flight to the slot machines. With some advance planning, and regular Google Flight searches, you’ll be sure to find the best deals. And with both Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines offering regular service out of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International, your chances of getting the best offers on direct flights are pretty good. Flight ticket prices change regularly, so be patient and you’ll be sure to find the cheapest flight that meets your needs.

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